Exit Planning Seminars

If you are like most business owners, your company probably represents your single greatest financial asset.  As such, you recognize the need to maximize and protect the value of this asset as long as you own it.

Do you have a clear understanding of your company’s current market value?  Are you aware of your various options for converting this value into personal wealth?

At some point, you will leave your business, either by choice or force of circumstance. At that time, you will transition your company to new ownership -- whether through an initial public offering, sale, succession or family transfer. At that time, you want to receive the maximum amount of money for the business you’ve put your heart and soul – not to mention time and money – into building.

Attending an Exit Planning Seminar helps you prepare for this event. Over the course of the seminar you will learn what's involved in exiting a privately held business. You will learn:
  • How to determine the current value of your business
  • How to identify the key value drivers of your business
  • How to enhance your business worth
  • Which exit options are available
  • How to turn the value of your business into hard cash
  • What the tax implications are of exiting a business
  • How to develop a long term exit strategy
  • What buyers are looking for in an acquisition

Market research by the Small Business Administration shows that for businesses with revenues between $10 and $50 Million only one out of every two businesses for sale ultimately sells. For smaller businesses the ratio goes down to one out of three, four or even five for the smallest ones. 

To increase your odds and maximize your price you want to educate yourself, so that you can put yourself in the best possible circumstances to successfully exit your business.

Seminars are scheduled on a regular basis. Click here, if you wish to be notified about our future seminars.
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Exit Planning Seminars
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