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Henberger provides merger and acquisition (M&A) services to private business owners of emerging growth and lower middle market businesses - representing companies with revenues between $2 and $50 million. Our services enable our clients to determine the value of their business, develop viable exit strategies, generate liquidity and achieve their personal, financial and strategic goals.

Our work involves providing M&A advisory services to both sell-side and buy-side clients. To avoid any conflicts of interest we NEVER represent the buyer and the seller in the same transaction.

Representing Sellers

We perform a comprehensive analysis of each client’s business to gain a detailed understanding of its operating performance, current value and future potential as well as the business owner's personal and financial goals. We then identify and qualify the most suitable strategic, financial and private buyers, implement a customized go-to-market strategy to present the client’s business to these buyers, and finally represent the client during transaction negotiations.

Representing Buyers

We also work closely with wealthy individuals, private equity groups and large corporations looking to acquire lower-middle market companies.  Many of these acquisition candidates are closely held and thus hard to find and evaluate. However, because we maintain extensive networks of industry relationships and have access to a vast pool of  information sources, we are able to identify those companies that best meet a buyer’s specific investment criteria.

Seasoned Deal Makers

The Henberger principals are all seasoned deal makers. They have in-depth M&A expertise and are personally involved in every aspect of a transaction.  To ensure an optimal service to our clients, we only take on a limited number of engagements simultaneously.

During each engagement we work closely with individual clients to help them achieve their specific personal and financial objectives.  We represent clients’ interests from initiation of negotiations all the way through due diligence and closing.

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