Why compete with others, when you want to acquire a company

Many companies we find for our buyers have never been formally put up for sale. There are a lot of private business owners ready to sell their business, if the right opportunity presents itself.

At Henberger we have developed a system to capture a buyer’s needs, research the market for potential acquisition candidates and present a long list of candidates to our buyer clients. Once a buyer client has screened the list and established a shortlist, we jointly decide how to best approach each candidate and start discussions about a potential sale.

We offer these services to corporations, private equity groups and wealthy individuals that are interested in identifying and acquiring businesses matching their specific investment criteria.

The system works as follows:

Buyer Needs Assessment

Potential buyers are invited to complete a detailed buyer questionnaire. A Henberger principal then reviews the completed questionnaire with the buyer client, asks additional questions and explains the business acquisition process moving forward. Once the investment requirements have been defined the search can start.

Business Search and Targeting

The business search and targeting is a comprehensive approach designed to find businesses that match a buyer's requirements. It starts with a list of Standard Industrial Codes (to the eighth digit), Counties (we limit our coverage area to Southern and Central California) and Company Annual Sales Ranges in line with the buyer's investment capabilities. The buyer highlights the codes, counties and company sizes to be included in the search. A report will be compiled with a list of target companies.
After review of this report, a Henberger advisor will contact the owners of these companies and enquire about their willingness to sell. After the preparation of a shortlist, a Henberger advisor will coordinate with the buyer how to best approach further discussions with each prospect.

How to get started

Potential buyers are invited to contact us for an initial discussion and to receive a copy of our questionnaire.

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